Reach your ideal balance

” We will work together to personalize every aspect of your daily program so that you can reach your optimal health and well-being. Each person is unique and I will seek to understand what truly motivates you in the pursuit of your own success and balance.


My strong sporting background has given me the best knowledges to support you through your fitness journey to achieve your goals. As a former high-level professional athlete and certified fitness coach my mission is to lead you and give you the opportunity to build a healthy lifestyle that will not only benefits you while we work together, but during your whole life. Whether your target is to lose weight, gain muscle, get stronger or anything that could make you feel better in your body, I will be there by your side to create the right conditions to succeed. 


My coaching is extremely comprehensive and fully individualized. I will provide everything you need to get the finest results from your training and/or nutrition. By combining the best available research, my experience and my expertise, I will customize and tailor your training and nutrition plan to your specific fitness goals and circumstances (how often you can train, equipment, injury limitations).”

Léo Cressant