The Summer Body Plan (2 Weeks)


The Summer Body Plan is not a classical « Summer Body Magical Transformation Plan » but rather a program that will give you the keys to build a healthy eating routine that will last over time. Of course, we want you to be in shape for summer and it is exactly what you will achieve while following this plan, but you may as well feel your best all year long. 


How does it work ?

After purchasing your Meal Plan, you will receive an email along with the « Meal Plan Form ». Please make sure you fill this form accurately. You will receive your tailor-made Meal Plan within 5 days. 



The Summer Body Plan includes :

– 2-Weeks Meal Plan.

Each week you get :

– 5 days meal prep, 1 day using leftovers, 1 free day.

– Customization : Léo will tailor your Meal Plan to your age, gender, weight, height, allergies, activity level, goals and any limitations you may have. In other words, you will get a fully personalized plan matching your specific calories and macronutrients needs and health goals. – Nutrition Analysis : Full nutrition Information of each recipes included in your meal plan.

– Nutrition Breakdowns : Daily breakdowns of macronutrients and micronutrients.

– Meal prep guide : So you can stay organized.

– Grocery list : save time and money while shopping. You will know exactly what to buy and what quantity. 

– Recipes : Easy and healthy recipes to follow. 

– Photos of each meal.

– 5 extra recipe ideas.

Nutritional Guide included : The Nutrition Guide will provide you with basic understanding of nutrition and how this may relate to your health and fitness goals. Those general nutritional recommendation and advice are scientifically endorsed and are important to understand in order to achieve your goals in the swiftest possible time. We will also break down macro and micronutrients present in foods we eat, and go through general guidelines for types and amounts of foods required to consume a healthy, balanced diet.