12 week program : Train Like Me Challenge


12 Week Program – Train Like Me Challenge includes :

  • Your 12 Week Training Program
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Exclusive members access to your Personal App
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan


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Note : All Programs are available only in English. Once you purchase your Program, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Make sure to check your spams !




How does it work ? 
After purchasing your Program, you will receive an email along with the « Meal Plan Form ». Please make sure you fill this form accurately.
In this email, you will also be given access to some files including :
  • Overview of your 12 Week Program
  • How to activate your member’s account
  • Your Nutrition Guide
  • How to take your progress photos
  • How much you should lift and how to progress.
  • Tempo Guidelines : explaining how to use the right lifting tempo for optimal results.
  • Warm Up & Exercise Recovery Guidelines
  • Advanced Resistance Training Methods


12 Week Program includes :

  • Your 12 Week Training Program : This program is designed to help you improve muscle size, strength, conditioning, endurance, flexibility and overall health. It covers all aspects of fitness for serious results.


  • The Nutrition Guide : will provide you with basic understanding of nutrition and how this may relate to your health and fitness goals. Those general nutritional recommendation and advice are scientifically endorsed and are important to understand in order to achieve your goals in the swiftest possible time. We will also break down macro and micronutrients present in foods we eat, and go through general guidelines for types and amounts of foods required to consume a healthy, balanced diet.


  • Exclusive members access to your Personal App
    Main features :
    • Access to your individualized plans anytime, anywhere.
    • Exercise video tutorials : Individualized video instruction of exercises provided to ensure proper form and safety.
    • Ability to track and record your progress on the move.
    • Ability to upload progress photos and body weight measurements.
    • Available worldwide on IOS and ANDROID / Available only in English.


  • Individualized Nutrition Plan : You will get a custumized Meal Plan taking into account your age, gender, height, allergies, activity level, goals and limitations you may have. In other words, you will get a fully personalized plan matching your specific calorie/macronutrient needs and health goals.

Your Nutrition Plan includes :

  • Duration : One week Meal Plan to repeat each week during the duration of the 12 Week Program.
  • Nutrition Analysis : Full nutrition information of each recipes included in your meal plan.
  • Nutrition Breakdowns : Daily breakdowns of macronutrients and micronutrients.
  • Meal Prep Guide : To stay organized.
  • Grocery list : to save time and money while shopping. You will know exactly what to buy and what quantity.
  • Recipes : Easy and healthy recipes to follow with photos of each meal.


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