Mindful Plan 6 months

Original price was: 249,00€.Current price is: 211,00€. / Months For 6 Months

Mindful plan includes :

  • Nutrition Guide
  • Exclusive members access to the Léo Cressant App
  • Check-ins (every 2 weeks)
  • Unlimited support : email or App
  •  Initial Skype Consultation with Léo (15min)
  • Nutritional Consultation and Audit
  • Individualized Nutrition Plan


Note : Once you purchase your Plan, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Make sure to check your spams !



How does it work ? 
After purchasing your Plan, you will receive an email including :
  • The « Consultation Form ». Please make sure you fill this form accurately and once completed, you will receive your tailor-made Plan within 7 days. 
  • Details on how to set up your Member account.
  • Important files to get you started + Nutrition Guide.
  • Details on how to book your Initial 15 minutes Skype Consultation with Léo.


Mindful Plan includes :

  • Individualized training programs : Personalised and comprehensive training programs, tailored to your specific fitness goals and circumstances (how often you can train, equipment, injury limitations). You will be provided with full details of specific exercices, rep ranges, rest periods. Once you have completed my detailed assessment and appraisal forms, I will create an individualized training program for you taking into account your previous exercise experience and medical history. 
  • Nutrition Guide : The Nutrition Guide will provide you with basic understanding of nutrition and how this may relate to your health and fitness goals. Those general nutritional recommendation and advice are scientifically endorsed and are important to understand in order to achieve your goals in the swiftest possible time. We will also break down macro and micronutrients present in foods we eat, and go through general guidelines for types and amounts of foods required to consume a healthy, balanced diet. 
  • Exclusive members Access to the Léo Cressant App :
Main features : 

– Access to your individualized plans anytime, anywhere. 

– Exercise video tutorials : Individualized video instruction of exercises provided to ensure proper form and safety. 

– Ability to track and record your progress on the move.

– Messaging board to contact Léo Cressant. 

– Ability to upload progress photos and body weight measurements (if you choose to).

– Available worldwide on IOS and ANDROID.

– Available only in English. 



  • Weekly Check-ins to evaluate your progress, ensure you are on track and make any alterations necessary to your training program. Feedbacks on any questions you have. 
  • Unlimited support : 24h email support lasting the duration of your program for all training/nutrition questions.
  • Initial skype consultation (15 min) + once a month : Let’s meet each other and talk about your motivations and your goals for this new fitness adventure. Follow up monthly for the Mindful Plan, weekly for the Premium Plan to discuss your current program, reassess performance, and determine possible progressions, modifications, or regressions as needed.


  • Nutritional Consultation and Audit : At the beginning of your program you will receive a Nutritional consultation form to give me an overall view of your current dietary habits. After a deep alalysis, you will have access to recommendations to make positive and healthy changes to your eating routine.


  • Individualized Nutrition Plan :Sustainable and tailored nutritional plan including one week meal plan, recipes, nutrient rich food, cooking methods and shopping list. You will be given a lot of choices and variety to match your preferences and your specific goals.
    • Nutrition Plan adjusted every month to adapt your progression.
    • Unlimited support from your coach for any questions you may have about your plan. 
    • Possible meal modifications within the first week if needed.


Attention, Mindful Plan doesn’t include the Instant support via WhatsApp and the Travel Coaching.